The master of the Underground Racing has created the most powerful Lamborghini Gallardo

Instead turn to the masters for a new body kit, color and set of disks, the owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo used the services of Underground Racing to concentrate on the guts of the Italian sports car. According to the staff of Underground Racing, this Gallardo 2004 model years equipped with 3-m level tuning of the engine, which cost the owner 89 000 $. Tuning the later models (2009-2013) worth an extra $6,000.

As stated by an American master, the power of this Gallardo now is 1000 HP if you use 93 octane gasoline. However, on special racing fuel that power is increased by another 250 HP

In addition to the 3rd and the «weak» tuning kit, masters of Underground Racing have a few options for the truly insane drivers. So, kit Race Version for 109 000 $ raises power up to 1500 HP on race fuel, level 2 gives 1750 HP. Finally, the last level X Version Turbo System will develop a capacity of 2000 HP if you use proper race fuel.


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