Where should cyclists ride actually

«The majority was overlooked by turning Cars and Trucks,» says David Koßmann from the press service of the bike. This is one of the most dangerous situations for cyclists. The right-of-way is regulated by the road traffic regulations are clear: «The straight traffic always has priority, regardless of whether the cyclist rides on the road or on a bike path,» says kossmann. Nevertheless, it comes to disagreements. The slopes also with the ignorance of the traffic participants, says kossmann.

Some of the cyclists from soft as prefer to be on the footpath, but that is not allowed. «He is quite reserved clear for pedestrians and pedaling children up to ten years,» says kossmann. Only the accompanying of the parents of the child should ride on the footpath.

Same rules for cyclists and motorists are also valid at traffic lights: Both have to wait on the red Car-traffic light, if there are no special Bicycle traffic lights. An exception is made only for cyclists who are in a training group. «If a minimum of 16 bikes in the training compound and the first has not yet happened in the case of Green light, is allowed to drive the last even if the traffic light is already change to Red,» explains Bicycle-expert kossmann.

And what if a cyclist wants to cross a Zebra crossing? Here he can push or ride, says Jens Dötsch, specialist lawyer for traffic law. For a moving cyclist, a motorist must not stop, however. And who is involved in Cycling across the Zebra stripes in an accident, might be complicit.

Marked bike paths are specially available, they must be of the cyclists used. «Mandatory is the well-known blue round traffic sign with a white Bicycle, the signs number 237, for example,» explains Dötsch.

The traffic sign 240 and 241 are available for a combination of foot and bike path. On the round signs for pedestrians and cyclists are shown by a hyphen, explained Dötsch. «Here, too, the cyclists, the road must stay away, and the bike path to use, otherwise, a fine of up to 35 rubles.»

In addition, there is the Bicycle strip that runs on the normal road. «The cycle lanes is often due to a large Bicycle Icon on the pavement, in addition, this cycle path is through a solid line of the other roadway separated,» says kossmann. Cars are not allowed to drive over the solid line, and not as a Parking space abuse, «which is not observed in practice, unfortunately, often,» says kossmann.

A softened Form of the Bicycle, a strip of the protective strip. «It differs by a dashed line to the Car traffic from the bike strip,» says kossmann. Here, motorists may drive in the protection strip, if it is necessary. Generally speaking, kossmann sees both bike as well as protection strips critical, since usually there is not enough distance between cars and bikes will be held.

More comfortable and safer for two-wheelers, fast cycle routes, which is also the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) holds for the best solution. «They are usually conducted separately from the car traffic, largely crossroad-free, have a generous width and are equipped with a very good covering,» says Floriane Lewer, from the ADFC.

In the meantime, there is in almost all Metropolitan regions plans for fast cycle routes. An example of the Radschnellweg Ruhr («RS1»), to extend after its completion, a 100 kilometres through the heart of the Ruhr area. Pure Bicycle roads are an Alternative: cyclists set the pace, and the cars must not overtake. You are awarded the traffic signal 244.

Currently, the ADFC, is to develop the cycle path network in Germany as a whole, however, is still rather. «In comparison with, say, Denmark or the Netherlands, Germany is backward,» says Lewer. The Cycling share in Germany for years, unchanged at eleven to twelve percent. «Debt-to-dramatically under-sized and in many places poorly designed Bicycle infrastructure, structure,» says Lewer.

Traffic rules for E-Bikes

The road signs for bicycles also apply to E-Bikes. It is different in the case of the fast S-Pedelecs. «These belong in city traffic, always on the road and may only use extra-urban the bike path,» says David Koßmann from the press service of the bike. Legally, they are small motorcycles, are treated as mopeds and will need a plate, insurance.

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