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Heavy Metal instead of techno at the motor show in Detroit

High-tech was in Las Vegas the theme is Heavy Metal on the program. And you can take part in this year, quite literally. Because there are, in every respect, especially heavy weights on the still

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So electric cars will be loaded

The type of plug — Fits the?

Most of the approximately 30 currently available in Germany E-car-models have a connector for the so-called type 2 plug. This is since 2013 the Standard in the EU. It

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Hiss, murmur or Babble: How good car sound

BMW uses for each type of vehicle, specially-tuned exhaust systems, in order to obtain a targeted acoustic interpretation. «The interpretation should be comfortable sound in the lower rpm range and a

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Drive safely on snow and ice

«Whether it is black ice, Packed snow, slush or Frost — you should also avoid always abrupt steering and braking movements,» says Hans-Jürgen Drechsler of the Federal Association of tyre trade and

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Toyota Corolla E150 (2007-2010): Nothing new

Every time you start talking about the reliability of a vehicle, automatically start to compare it with the standard, formed in the head for many years.

It could be read articles or reviews, tips from friends or personal experience. And most of the time, thus the mind’s ideal is some representative of Toyota brand or Lexus.

Toyota Corolla E150 (2007-2010)

In search of used option among car C-class, you notice how slowly you lose the initial price of the Toyota Corolla. Primarily,

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